as Drawn from the Rainbow Mandala
and Corresponding to the Rainbow Body

The Rainbow Mandala


The Seven-Leveled Rainbow Mandala*

Geometric Template**
For inscribing a seven-circuit labyrinth from the Seven Level  Mandals (above left)

  *See other color arrangement possibilities and the Yin/Yang Color Wheel for interpreting
a mandala's weight/ balance

**I am indebted to Vincent Bridges in his article "The Unified Field of Gnosis"
 for his layout and elucidation  of the sacred geometric basis of this template
and its application. See

The Sacred Geometric Basis
 of the Rainbow Mandala and Labyrinth



Creating the Template

The Geometric Template from which the seven-Leveled Mandala and Labyrinth designs are derived is determined first by creating a square and dividing it into four units. (Most easily accomplished using graft paper and a compass.) The center four units are extended to a sixteen-unit square. A circle then is drawn around the four-unit square and another circle within the sixteen-unit square, and a third circle around the sixteen units. In this way the proportional sizes of the mandalas three circles are determined. By repeating the large square and arranging it diagonally within the outer circle, the circle is divided into eighths. Next each of the four units of the smaller square are divided diagonally forming a centermost square to complete the pattern's seven levels and mark the center of the mandala. Finally, (as in Figure 1, below) lines are extended from the center through the conjunction points of the squares to the periphery of the circle for its division into sixteenths and from which division a seven circuit labyrinth can be drawn freehand.

Figure 1




Using the Template to Inscribe a Labyrinth


Figure 2


Figure 3


Step 1. After drawing the template (Figure 1), cut it out and place in the center of a piece of paper. A 2" to 3" template will work for an 8 1/2" by 11" paper.

Step 2. Holding the template in place, and referring to Figure 2, place V's at each of the diagonal square's corners; X's at the corners of the horizontal square; and O's at each of the lines extending from the center.


  Step 3. Mark the center point and connect the V's. (Figure 3)

Step 4. Mark the halfway point between X's and center. (Figure 4)

Step 5. Extend lines from O's to the halfway points (Figure5)




Figure 4

Figure 5


Step 6. As shown in Figure 6 below, moving clockwise connect "V" at center top to "O"; then "O" to left of "V" to "X";  etc., continuing to move from left to right to the last "O" to "V" which forms the entrance.


Figure 6

  From the Sacred Geometry contained within this simple template it is possible to draw a labyrinth as small as above or to outline the same pattern as large as space allows, say in sand at the beach, a cleared space of dirt, or temporarily on a parking lot. For a labyrinth allowing room for persons to comfortably pass going in and coming out, pathways need to be approximately 3 to 3 1/2' wide calling for an overall space of 42' to 45'. In this case a six foot cord could serve as compass and the circle quartered, cross-quartered, and quarter-qusrtered into sixteenths. A stick would suffice for marking paths in sand or dirt, or a piece of chalk on cement or asphalt--and all in the spirit of fun and not perfection.

The Rainbow Labyrinth


To the left and above note the correspondence of levels of Labyrinth and Mandala.

In the Rainbow Body (below) the spectrum order is reversed corresponding the center of Labyrinth and Mandala to the highest frequency spiritual body and the outer levels to the lower frequency physical and etheric bodies.


The Rainbow Body


Credit: For inspiring the above conceptualization of the Rainbow Body I am indebted to:
Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M D, Bear & Co, Santa Fe, 1988.
Science and Human Transformation by William A Tiller, PhD,  Pavior, Walnut Creek, 1997.  Here Professor Tiller’s discussion of Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness and offers scientific basis for understanding the human energy system and its subtle, interfacing levels.
The Life Divine, by Sri Aurobindo, Pondicherry, 1940, in which a progressive, evolutionary, multidimensional expansion of consciousness is made clear.

  For an explanation of the corresponding symbolism of The Rainbow Body, the seven circuit Rainbow Labyrinth and the seven level Rainbow Mandala go to The Rainbow Body

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