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Patterns for the IPMM:

For a small mandala, which can be assembled from 8 1/2" by 11" paper, you will need four squares of the following sizes: 5 1/2"; 4";  2 3/4"; and 2". Graft paper will make this easy.
You will also need three circles in these sizes: 5 1/2"; 4"; and 2 3/4". For accuracy here, use a compass.

For larger mandalas, using 11" by 17" paper, the squares can be 9 1/2", 6 1/2, 4 1/2, 3", and the circles 9 1/2, 6 1/2, and 4 1/2.

Durable hard patterns can be made by cutting the above-size squares from graft paper and transferring these to manila or other paper of a similar weight. (Old file folders will work.) Hard patterns for circles may be drawn with a compass and cut directly from similar paper.



The Colored Paper Palette:
The palette of colors I use are shown below. Six of the colors are readily obtainable in inexpensive Astrobright papers such as printers or photocopy shops use for flyers. For the Indigo I have had to resort to construction paper which in time fads. Overall construction paper colors tend to be less bright and pure in tone but can be used.

To make a set of the seven shapes in seven colors (the 49 components in all) according to the patterns given above , for the large size you will need two 11" by 17" sheets of each of the seven colors. To reuse the components, they will in some manner need to be held temporarily in place temporarily. Several methods are recommended below. To create permanently glued together mandalas you will need to have enough extra sheets to replace ones used and still maintain the full range of choices. If you plan to use the process for counseling or art therapy purposes you may want to purchase a ream of each color from a printer, a paper company, or large office supply house.

To back mandalas use  squares of white paper, construction or similar weight, measuring 1" to 1:1/2" larger than largest square or circle.

For Permanent Mandalas, a glue stick is all else that will be needed.

To Make Temporary Mandalas, you will need  small, round-head paper fasteners. In this case, use a pattern maker's hole punch and hammer or an ice pick, making a center hole in each of the 49 components. To determine the centers, draw diagonal lines from the corners of the square patterns, with the center being where the diagonals cross, then use the squares to transfer centers to the same size circles.




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